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Improve your individual and your organisation's skills so as to take advantage of new opportunities in the world of study, work, business and enterprise. 

This is the Brain approach, we adopt a sectorial format, at times sectors working independently and at other times in unison- it depends on your needs! Managed by a team of professionals from different career backgrounds having worked together for many years, Brain operates nationally and internationally to respond to and provide the tailor-made solutions you are looking for. 

Be you an individual, company, professional body, or training provider looking for international representation we have the experience, expertise and networking strength to assist and take your ambition and objective forward. It's easy- just refer to one sector or the other below and contact us for an evaluation of your requirements. 

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Developing your corporate style and documentation to meet market demands


About us

From our Liverpool base and via similar strategic partnerships throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and further afield, Brain extends its operation nationally and internationally, providing custom orientated services for its range of business development, translation, professional training and language programme solutions. Furthermore we often manage specific project initiatives for organisations and act in an international representative capacity for them.

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