Welcome to Liverpool and the North West – headquarters of Brain International Ltd.

Liverpool, European Capital of Culture 2008, home to the International Festival for Business 2014 (to be repeated in 2016), and a great city transformed with significant investments in public and private sector industries and a world renowned training and educational history second to none. Together with its neighbour Manchester, Liverpool represents the vibrant face of the North West looking as in bygone days to the world at large. The proximity if North Wales is also a vital part of the picture and Brain and its directors enjoy a long association with the North West and have established strong links with local government, trade associations, economic development units, professional bodies, and training providers – all business partners which facilitate the implementation of our training programmes and delivery of our consultancy services.

From our base and via similar strategic partnerships, throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and further afield, Brain extends its operation nationally and internationally, providing customer orientated services for its range of market entry, business development, translation, professional training and language programme solutions.

International connections are furthered by a series of ‘international desk’ representations throughout many of the world markets. Brain partners and representatives work closely together providing each other and more importantly each others clients with local help and support on a wide range of marketing and business development projects.

Our experience shows that if a company has a trusted and experienced local partner working with them “on the ground” in their target market, their chance of export success and market penetration will be greatly increased.

Brain refers clients to their appropriate partners who act as the clients “pioneering” sales and marketing development company in the target country. The local Brain partner obviously has detailed marketing knowledge and experience in their own country that they use effectively on behalf of the client company. The client has the benefit of a partner in their own country to project manage the programme – one point of contact.

Brain creates totally personalised solutions which can be tailored to meet the needs of the Client Company or organisation.