A principal feature of Brain International and its approach to internationalisation is its network of business partners around the globe. It is the associations with these partners, developed over 20 years, that renders the approach to assisting clients in entering foreign market places distinctive and practical. To fully make use of the use of knowledge and expert skills of individual partners the Brain Advisory Body has been established.

Brain believes strongly in involving its international partners in a continuing definition of its role and priorities in international business development and training and vocational opportunities for individuals and organisations alike.

To this end Brain has set up an international Advisory Body to provide a ready interface for all aspects of its products and services:

• Product/service;

• Market application;

• Communication strategies;


The main purposes of the Brain International Ltd Advisory Body is to provide management advice about the direction the company should follow and, keeping uppermost in mind the workings of the international network, how to approach each individual matter to bring mutual benefit to the owner managers of individual companies and the international network as a whole.

Specific goals for 2019 include:

• Developing a niche market strategy

• Updating the company’s Web presence

• Making use of social networking facilities for promotion and business return


Brain’s corporate identity strategy and service ethos is critical to its every action, essential in the maintenance and development of its international networking, and can be summed up as:

A deep commitment to evaluate and respond to the need of individuals, groups, companies, and organisations, who are looking to develop skills, cultural understanding/appreciation, and gain access to expert innovative consultancy and business development services – with the clear aim of improving individual standing and creating opportunities for development and the achievement of their personal or business objectives. Brain, through its regional and international networking, is able to pass on the benefits of its association with regional bodies, institutions, and organisations, be it to the advantage of its training and vocational divisions, or in the processes of internationalisation – assisting companies in either inward or outward investment and market development.


The Current Chair of Brain Advisory Body is Richard Romain.

Richard is an international marketing consultant, living and working in the UK and France. His expertise is in tactical marketing and client capture strategies. He has lectured extensively on marketing strategy and he is currently involved in developing an eco-community in the south of France, near Carcassonne.