From our own experience as Educational Consultants we believe that English and Work Experience is a valid combination but must be programmed well and that any idea to arrive in the UK and start a job immediately is illusory and not in the best interests of the students. The approach LILA adopts is to assist the student from the moment of the initial enquiry, so as to best present oneself and to receive the necessary assistance to find a study pathway and look into the opportunity of securing a job, whilst of course enjoying the English way of life to the full.

To achieve a satisfactory solution LILA has studied a formula with its partner Brain International Ltd.UK. The directors of LILA and Brain have worked together on a number of language and vocational initiatives, and the school distinguishes itself for the range of programmes it offers. Students therefore have the opportunity to combine English study with other skills.

The programme is intended for students and adults wishing to spend a longer period in Great Britain so as to improve significantly their level of English, gain an insight into British culture and working ways, and to secure a job position both to further their experience and as a means to maintaining themselves throughout the period. Applicants must be aged 18+, have an intermediate level of English (defined as minimum B! by the Common European Framework) and be prepared to stay in Great Britain for a minimum of 12 weeks so as to increase their job opportunities. Only in exceptional circumstances or in the summer season can we accept applicants intending to stay for a shorter period.

What is the English and Work Experience Opportunity Programme?

Students enrol for a minimum 6 week course and receive:

Note that for students to take advantage of this programme it is strongly recommended that students are looking to dedicate a minimum period of 12 weeks in the UK

We stress and underline that there is no guarantee given as to a successful outcome of job applications but constant assistance is provided. Any contractual arrangement will be a question between employer and student but LILA will be on hand for advice

On completing the six week programme the student may decide to continue studying at LILA and in any case will be able to continue to use the accommodation service of the school.

The programme provides for the following phases

End of course assessment and certification

Programmes are independently and externally accredited by the IAB. The IAB is an international professional and awarding body of qualifications, regulated in England by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (see and also in Wales and Northern Ireland. Assessment of students' learning and achievements in these programmes is therefore subject to the external quality assurance conducted by the IAB. Following their programmes, successful students will receive an IAB Certificate, confirming their achievements. It will be of particular relevance where students are required or are looking to obtain a “credit” for programme completion.