Aims and Learning Outcomes

These programmes are designed for individuals or small ‘closed groups’ of persons coming from the same company or organisation and looking to make rapid improvement in particular language, presentation, and communication skills through intensive tailor made short programmes so as to be able to perform specific tasks and effectively perform their job responsibities in an ever expanding international context.

Implementation of course content will be such as to allow for follow up individual and guided learning, and the possibility of refresher or follow on modules so as to effectively respond to the continuing professional development needs of the client and to embark on a longer term consultancy and training provision suited to the client’s present and future role and business circumstances and requirements.

Entry requirements

Before starting a course leading to this qualification, candidates should ideally have a level of English corresponding to A2 of the European Framework for Languages. This does not necessarily exclude complete beginners but in this instance it is recommended that the individual or closed group enrols for a combination course comprising of a minimum 2 week LILA General English Plus course followed by a 2 week PEPP programme. Centres may use their own initial assessment materials for determining levels of potential candidates prior to their courses, or alternatively may use the materials prepared by LILA with the support of its collaborative partner, Brain International Ltd, such materials designed in compliance with quality insurance standards set by IAB (‘Qualifications for Business’) Structure of the Course Courses for these qualifications will consist of a minimum one week programme although a period of not less than 2 weeks is strongly recommended so as to gain a clear improvement in relevant skills and to establish an ongoing relationship with LILA and in particualr to take advantage of the Industrial Insight aspects of the programme. It should be noted at this point that the PEPP solution is not only a suitable choice for standard Business and Commercial English scenarios but can be effectively applied to a range of special interest and special purpose scenarios with the Industrail Insight aspects arranged to respond to the particularities of the indivual. Company or organisation’s activity. A standard 25 didactic unit per week and more intensive 30 didactic unit solution are available and the weeks can be pre-booked 6 months in advance so as to permit effective scheduling in accordance with other commitments. In bookings exceeding 2 weeks the Industrial Insight element can be developed so as to as to involve clients in a highly practical continuing professional development process, including opportunities for work shadowing and an introduction to the business or other related and relevant environment in the UK.

In this context there will be a number of special features:

  • guest speakers from the areas of your choice
  • working lunches with UK professionals involved in similar fields to that of the client
  • visits to relevant agencies and organisations

Interested centres should contact LILA for details of this valuable, extended learning opportunity. Assessment

Assessment will be through a detailed end of course report and elaboration of a learning log comprising performance elements during the programme and recommendations for future study and learning pathways.

Course content

  • pre arrival skype interview in language of choice
  • pre arrival language test
  • pre arrival needs analysis and correspondence exchange
  • pre arrival programme elaboration
  • interview on arrival
  • didactic units
  • learner facilitating periods keeping of LILA learning log industrial insight visits
  • working lunches with guests
  • end of programme course reports
  • satisfaction questionnaire
  • quality assurance check
  • follow up Skype units
  • training consultancy for follow on training weeks

End of course assessment and certification

Programmes are independently and externally accredited by the IAB. The IAB is an international professional and awarding body of qualifications, regulated in England by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (see and also in Wales and Northern Ireland. Assessment of students' learning and achievements in these programmes is therefore subject to the external quality assurance conducted by the IAB. Following their programmes, successful students will receive an IAB Certificate, confirming their achievements. It will be of particular relevance where students are required or are looking to obtain a “credit” for programme completion.