Trained as a Barrister-at-Law, called to the Bar at Grays Inn, Geoffrey Barclay has worked in Sweden, Italy and the UK in training development roles, and as a managing Director in business development consultancies.

His work has taken him to most European countries and further afield to Russia, Canada, Latin America and The Caribbean and has helped him to obtain great experience in the setting up of training programmes, market entry and consultancy services. He is accustomed to representing companies and bodies internationally either as a front lead for negotiations or in a business development capacity. Furthermore Geoffrey has been active in training and business enterprises in the UK since 1998 being a firm believer in interregional partnership throughout Europe and beyond as a means of creating both opportunities and expert support services for SMEs and public organisations in a coordinated approach to internationalisation.

Acting as International Marketing Director of Brain he is responsible in first person for international client relations and development strategies.


Richard is an international marketing consultant, living and working in the UK and France. His expertise is in tactical marketing and client capture strategies. He has lectured extensively on marketing strategy and he is currently involved in developing an eco-community in the south of France, Carcassonne.

Richard is currently Chair of the Brain International Advisory Body


A graduate of the Translation and Interpreting School of Trieste University (SSLIT) (Italy), Elena Cordani is the founder of Interlinguae, now a group of three translation, interpreting and language training companies with headquarters in Italy, England and Singapore.

At present, she is also Chair of Federlingue, the Italian association of language service companies within Concommercio and based in Mila (Italy). In the past, she was also the coordinator of the GL10 Translation Services at UNI, the Italian organisation for standardisation (the British equivalent being BSI). As such, she worked within the CEN Task Force in charge with the writing of the European standard for Translation Services (now EN 15038). Elena has been also a member of DIAM – the Commission for Documentation, Automatic Information, and Multimedia at UNI (Milan).

Interlinguae Srl is certified in compliance with ISO and EN 15038, of course, and provides translation services to leading a global equipment manufacturers and exporters, mainly in the packaging, food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

Interlinguae Ltd offices in London also functions as an International Desk for Brain in the south of England. As with other major international client companies, Elena and her immediate colleagues are responsible for all text and communication management of Brain Ltd including corporate documentation storage.