'Learning by doing' to better your profile for business, career, and pleasure

Be you a growing company with increasing training needs or an individual looking for a tailor-made solution Brain makes full use of its considerable educational consultancy background to find the right solution – meaningful, enjoyable, and skills enhancing programmes designed to give greater individual confidence and an appreciation of cultural norms and behaviour. Serious business requires serious approaches and if complemented by pleasurable experiences the greater the benefit.


‘To be immersed’ in life styles and gain professional competency is a cornerstone of our thinking. Only by gaining professional competency and learning how to behave in given circumstances can one hope to take forward personal or corporate plans and achieve objectives

Through a close relationship with fellow Liverpool based LILA Brain can provide tailor made solutions to respond to English language, vocational and continuing professional development needs.

Through a longstanding association with Interlinguae Brain offers sophisticated webinars and business training programmes to maximise the use of clients’ time.

Furthermore partnerships with Irish, American, and Australian training providers in the English speaking world and with French, German, Italian, and Spanish providers for the respective European languages



Consultancy service in setting up a suite of PEPP programmes (Personalised English for Practicing Professionals) for our international executive market.




Innovative and pragmatic in approach and excellent collaborative partners in screening and implementation of ideas.

Leanne Linacre, Director LILA

Further Information

  • Special Interest Groups

    Individuals or organisations looking to experience and enjoy aspects of British life, and wishing to try out their command of English, and even dare we suggest improve it, are welcome to enquire as to our range of programmes. Particularly popular with closed groups from Associations, the individual request can, however, be catered for.

    Assistance is given with all aspects of travel and general arrangements and programmes can be adapted to suit the particular requirements of the group.

    Accommodation, personalised to group request or even providing a choice within the same group, is easily arranged and we offer pre-departure meetings to fine-tune every aspect of your programme and itinerary, so maximising the time you spend enjoying yourselves abroad. Typically, in a week programme, 4 half days are classroom based and the rest of the programme is comprised of 3 full day trips, 2 half day visits and various evening activities.

    Examples of programmes include:

    • Coast and Mountains of North Wales
    • Victorian Life at its best in Liverpool and Manchester
    • British Cuisine Coming Alive
    • Architectural Britain
  • School Educational Projects

    A school trip abroad should be more than a language learning experience in that the occasion offers the opportunity to make language and culture come alive.

    With this in mind our programmes for teenagers are very much project based as is our way of working closely with the group teacher or coordinator prior to arrival to fine-tune our action. The North Wales coast, its hinterland of Snowdonia National Park, the cosmopolitan cities of Chester, Liverpool, and Manchester, are all rich in project raw material.

    Whether the project be of an activity based outdoor style or a more research based topic, a combination of trips, guest speakers, authentic materials, and study packs help the content be both stimulating and informative.

    Our trainers are experts in project delivery, giving the necessary input and elaborating the relevant language points and structures as project requirements dictate, but also acting as facilitators to allow maximum student involvement in taking forward project aims and presenting results in end of course presentations.

    The support given by state schools in N.Wales, regional authorities, voluntary organisations, and youth action groups is invaluable in rendering many of our projects a very hands-on experience for the students.

    Project programme examples:

    • Economic regeneration on the N. Wales coast – a comparative study of the towns of Rhyl and Llandudno Snowdonia: the role of a National Park in encouraging outdoor pursuits
    • Youth Action: the part played by voluntary organisations in assisting youth development and career choice
    • Liverpool: a capital of culture and an example of 21st century city making
    • Manchester: industrial revolution and heritage
    • Liverpool and Manchester compared: a tale of two cities
    • Football for all: the North West as the home of European football

    Apart from the UK based programmes, we are pleased to offer similar or school educational projects in Italy where we are extremely well ‘linked in’ with the educational and training world.

    Vocational training projects

    An opportunity for school or college groups to understand more about the school and college system in the UK and through a series of visits and guest speakers from local authority institutes appreciate the school system, the opportunities open for young people and the career prospects for further and higher education study and work opportunities.
    Meetings with Youth Action groups and careers service organisations provide a detailed insight for teenage life in the UK.

    School term abroad

    ‘Sta’ is an opportunity for individuals aged 16 to 19 to spend a period of between 3 months and 9 months in a state school in Wales, following timetabled subjects taken by British students and having the chance to really immerse themselves in the school system and even take examinations at the end of the school year. Candidates are interviewed and scrutinised for suitability as part of our selection process and all students are monitored throughout their stay by our coordinating officer.

  • Work Experience and University Study

    EU students have the right to study in UK equal to that of UK students themselves and there is a wide choice of further andhigher education course we can advise on. We take care of all co-ordinating aspects so students have an accommodation arrangement established in advance and a first week programme as an introduction to the way of life and way of study in the UK. For non EU students too there are as many possibilities, even if the requirements to pay fees is more imposing, and we can provide the consultancy to fit the individual case.

    Students wishing to study for a degree or gain credits for a period of University study in the UK, can enrol on programmes in various parts of the UK which involve a foundation programme to generally improve specific language level and study skills relevant to higher educational study. To take part on such programmes an IELTS score will be required and an integral part of our service is advice on course and University best suited to student aspirations.
    For clients able to spend a minimum 12 week period in the UK we can, subject to curriculum, level of English, and availability, arrange for paid work experience in the tourism sector.

    Our most popular programme is that designed to the student’s field of professional interest, either actual or future. Giving first hand knowledge of job skills conducted in English, This is unpaid work experience but all aspects of programme and stay are included in our package.

    More and more students and young professionals welcome the opportunity to spend some time in the UK perfecting their language skills, seeing and understanding more about the British way of life, and generally looking for an experience which will help them in deciding on or taking forward a career or study choice.
  • BRAIN / LILA* Specialisation Programmes

    The programmes have been quality assured by IAB, a UK professional and awarding body specialising in Qualifications for Business, thus guaranteeing the careful preparation and implementation of each programme.

    Detailed analysis is made of client requirements before programme commencement and accommodation, and airport transfer aspects are also covered so as to provide you with a very personal service.

    Naturally the programmes are complemented by the facilities LILA has to offer and the attractiveness of Liverpool as a location.

    LILA is a purpose built training centre in the heart of Liverpool City Centre with space dedicated to its executive clients and equipment of a technologically advanced nature. Liverpool needs little introduction, the 2008 European Capital of Culture going from strength to strength in the variety of its cultural offer and the development of its historical downtown waterfront.

    All factors combined we are confident of offering you a magnificent training and life experience opportunity and are happy to provide all further details you may require of the individual programmes accompanying this introduction. Programmes offered by BRAIN include:

    PEPP (Professional English for Practicing Professionals)

    These programmes are designed for individuals or small ‘closed groups’ of persons coming from the same company or organisation and looking to make rapid improvement in particular language, presentation, and communication skills through intensive tailor made short programmes so as to be able to perform specific tasks and effectively perform their job responsibities in an ever expanding international context.

    Click here to read more

    UK Business Awareness and Industrial Insight Programme

    These programmes are designed for candidates who wish to gain an appreciation of doing businessin the United Kingdom, understand key business English terms and be able to apply these in thecontext of working or doing business in international markets within the global economy and withspecific reference to the traits and requirements of business in the UK. Click here to learn more. From University to the World of Work: Preparing you for Tomorrow's World “From University to the World of Work” is a programme developed with the assistance of companies, educational institutions, training organisations and UK professional and awarding bodies.

    Click here to learn more

    English and Professional Work Experience Programme

    The programme is intended for students and adults wishing to spend a longer period in Great Britain so as to improve significantly their level of English, gain an insight into British culture and working ways so as to respond to a particular study, research or career need. Click here to learn more. English and Paid Work Experience Programme It is a fact that an increasing number of students in the 18 to 30 age range wish to spend an extended period in England with a view to improving their English, gaining a certification for their level of competence, and also gaining some work experience of a paid nature.

    Click here to learn more.

    From University to the World of Work: Preparing you for Tomorrow's World

    “From University to the World of Work” is a programme developed with the assistance of companies, educational institutions, training organisations and UK professional and awarding bodies.

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    English and Paid Work Experience Programme

    It is a fact that an increasing number of students in the 18 to 30 age range wish to spend an extended period in England with a view to improving their English, gaining a certification for their level of competence, and also gaining some work experience of a paid nature.

    Click here to learn more.

  • Brain's International Partners for Language Training

    Brain's relationship with many of its international partners goes back to the early 1990s and new partners have been added over the years to respond to client needs, both individual needs for students aged 16 to 60 and the language training and specialised needs of companies, organisations, and local goverment bodies. Attending international workshops specialising in the sector means that Brain's partners are all personal contacts i.e. formally met, selected and in the vast majority of cases each location visited. Therefore we are able to give you a very personal approach to establishing the right solution for you and our procedures ensure that we follow your progress from the initial enquiry to course completion stage and even beyond for many individuals and companies and organisations generally maintain an ongoing relationship with Brain.



    Colchester English Study Centre, Colchester ( www.cesc.co.uk )

    Concorde International, Canterbury (www.concorde-int.com )

    Edgware Academy, London (www.edgwareacademy.co.uk )

    English in Chester, Chester (www.english-in-chester.co.uk )

    Excel English, London ( www.excelenglish.co.uk )

    Lila, Liverpool (www.lilalovetolearn.com )

    Riviera School of English, Torquay (www.riviera-school-english.com )

    Wimbledon School of English, London (www.wimbledon-school.ac.uk )


    Edinburgh School of English, Edinburgh (www.edinburghschoolofenglish.com )


    Alpha College, Dublin (www.alphacollege.com )


    City School of Languages, Swansea (www.cityschooloflanguages.co.uk )


    Sea School International (www.seaschool.com.au )


    Zoni, New York, Miami, Vancouver (www.zoni.com )


    Carl Duisberg, Cologne, Radolfzell, Munich (www.cdc.de )

    GLS, Berlin (www.gls-berlin.de )

    Dialoge, Lindau ( www.dialoge.com )


    Actilingua, Vienna (www.actilingua.com )


    Accademia Italiana, Salerno ( www.accademia-italiana.it )

    CLS,  Bolzano (www.cls-bz.it )

    Interlinguae, Parma (www.interlinguae.it )


    ABC Humboldt, Barcelona (www.abchumboldt.com )

    Escuela LaOla, Madrid (www.escuelalaola.com )


    College International de Cannes, Cannes ( www.french-in-cannes.com )

    LSF Montpellier, Montpellier (www.lsf-france.com)

  • Educational and Training Consultancy Advantages
    We feel it important to bring to you attention some of the fundamental points which contribute to the excellence of the Brain International educational and training consultancy service:
    1. all  Brain International Directors have been involved in education and training for a minimum of 20 years
    2. all our international education and training providers have entered into specific contract agreements for the provision of services
    3. all international providers are accredited and/or formally recognised by the relevant quality assurance institutions in their own country
    4. personal meetings and visits have taken place with all our providers and centres are visited on a regular basis. Furthermore Brain regularly attends international workshops to maintain contacts with its partner international training providers and establish new relationships to satisfy a growing client demand  Examples of workshops: StudyWorld London, The Berlin Workshop, GEA Turkey
    5. in many cases the relationships with the providers have been in place for more than 10 years and there is a close personal relationship with owners and support staff  i.e. personnel responsible for programme implementation, accommodation, airport transfers.
    6. Brain is an international network with partners in may countries and operational ‘office desks’ in others, so providing personal contacts and supports for your programmes
    7. Brain is a corporate member of  Study UK – an organisation which is the voice of the      independent college sector offering a range of vocational and higher education study and career options.
    8. all clients enquiring about study programmes abroad may do an on-line test which gives an indication of level.. The results of this test and the level it corresponds to will be sent free of charge to an email address you provide
    9. the tuition and study programme fees we charge are the gross fees as quoted by the training provider.
    10. on signing up to our educational consultancy service there is no obligation to accept any of the offers we make.