Developing your corporate look to meet market demands

In a fast technological world due regard needs to be given to how best convey your status and your message, Web and brochure feel and look are critical considerations. Quality translation of all corporate literature in the language of your target market is a pre-requisite of market entry and general business development.


In the world of international markets nobody goes anywhere fast if they do not present well. Presentation extends to the corporate look you adopt and how this appeals to and respects the norms of one market or the other – both legal and social and business norms.

It is essential to listen to what the market is telling you and requires rather than you seeking to impose your will.

Therefore it is of vital importance to consider from the very outset your corporate look in terms of logo, web development, and all corporate considerations. As clients enquire into and land in new markets their approach needs to be both strategically savvy and effective in all communication matters.

Brain, thanks to its in-house expertise and consolidated partnerships is able to respond to a wide variety of corporate development, web design, copywriting, company profile, creative writing, and translation needs.



Communications and press releases in English and German for our World Championship Mountain Bike event.



Punctual and professional in delivery and high-class interpretation of our needs.

(Gerhard Vanzi, President, Association Sellaronda Hero)

Further Information

  • Brain / Interlinguae: translations and multilingual documentation

    Brain’s consolidated partnership with Interlinguae (see enables us to respond to all your translation requirements in a way which meets quality and industry standards. The force of a leading translation company is integral to your success and the service extends to all principal European and Asian languages. We are able to provide a service for you in whichever language your target market or service requirement necessitates. Through a consolidated Project Management approach, use of sophisticated CAT tools, teams of sector specialised translators, highest certified Quality Standards procedures, we seek to provide translations and promote long term relationships with clients requiring all embracing multilingual solutions in specific areas of technical documentation and related commercial correspondence so as to contribute to the building of solid and recognisable corporate identities in the maintenance and expansion of clients business at international level.

    The service extends to all principal European and Asian languages and consequently irrespective of the source language we are able to provide a service for you in whichever language your target market or service requirement necessitates. At all times due regard is paid to client expediencies in terms of quality, effective cost management and application of technological resources.

    Archiving and traceability is a strength in developing long term relationships in the translation field Access to an ‘identification and archiving’ system designed to guarantee the traceability over time of the material translated and of the information relative to the execution of the project ensures long term advantages in terms of uniformity and conformity.

    Memory banks and glossaries are also a way of ensuring uniformity of language and a considerable saving of costs in future works. Brain’s consolidated partnership with Interlinguae gives you the guarantee of all your translation requirements being handled by a translation company at the forefront of technological applications and industry standards at a European level.

    In the world of advertising and promotion, style and presentation, tailored to differing cultural tastes and demands, are the essential elements of success. As such the service also embraces advertising texts and slogans and can offer clients a complete service, from the working out and realization of graphics and media coverage, on to translating and copywriting considerations in the relevant target languages.

    Our client portfolio of this type of creative work will not disappoint you and is available on request. Training programmes, event organisation, conference planning, and business launches are other examples of occasions when translation and interpreting services are much in demand.

  • Tourism and Hotel Communications

    In the world of preparing copywriting for the tourism industry, be the client a tourism association, a hotel, or a sporting event organisation, communications need to be prepared with a great deal of sensitivity for the geographical area in question (its location, its attractive characteristics, its distinctive features), together with an appreciation of the target market so as to create a convincing picture of the offer and therefore enhance the chance of a successful conclusion to the sales process.


    ‘Translations’ is perhaps not the best word to use in this title for we pride ourselves in providing original copy, so much so that it is difficult to see which was the original text and which the copy!

    How do we do this?

    We have been providing translations in the Dolomite region for 25 years and our team live in and love the area. We are keen skiers and walkers and know the area well. This passion for the area is an advantage but would be nothing of relevance if there was not the expertise in writing and communication. Again ‘translation’ is a limited word for our experience in the communication and marketing field is extensive and is part of the internationalisation process which Brain sets as its mission. Press releases, copywriting, web texts, slogan creation and involvement in communication strategies are an integral part of the Brain service. Of course an advantage is that we are familiar with much of the terminology (technological; ski and sports related; cuisine; environmental; Ladin history) and can assure conformity, standardisation, and consistency of use

    And our references?

    Dolomiti Superski Association SellaRonda Hero Val Gardena Marketing Val Badia Tourism Association Dolomiti Adventures Azienda Soggiorno Bolzano Hotel La Perla (Corvara) Hotel Greif (Bozen) Parkhotel Laurin (Bozen) Hotel Città (Bozen)

    Which languages?

    The majority of our work in The Dolomites is in English, German, and Italian.

    Occasionally we are asked for translations in French, Spanish and other languages are happy to oblige. Brain International Ltd has representative offices in Bolzano in the heart of the Dolomites and may be contacted direct through Brain’s International Marketing Director Geoffrey Barclay at or via telephone at +39 347 9349450

  • Technical Solutions

    Solutions & Technology

    Translations can be supplied:

    • In a wide number of software applications
    • In all European (alphabetical), Middle Eastern (bidirectional: Arabic, Hebrew) and Far Eastern (ideographic) languages
    • In all text and graphic formats. In a wide range of software package solutions:

    - Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Publisher)

    - Lay-out (Across, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe PageMaker, Corel Draw Indesign, Macromedia FreeHand, QuarkXpress, Quicksilver Interleaf)

    - Mechanical Design (AutoCad, Spak)

    - Management (Siemens Protool)


    - Creation and format of files in pdf format (Adobe Acrobat)

    - Translation and modification of websites , through WEB EDITOR systems (Adobe GoLive, Macromedia Flash, DreamWeaver, FrontPage)

    - Translation of texts structured in XML